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  We’ll help you understand your mortgage options and solve your problems 

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Why Work With Us?

We believe in face-to-face communication because mortgage finance is complex.

We are embedded in Jade District in S.E. Portland and have a professional office near Interstate 205.

We utilize an educational style with our customers.

We teach clients to manage their mortgage debt which is more important than simply getting a loan.

How it works

4 Things to Know Now

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How to Prepare

Call us and we will start by discussing your goals.


Getting a loan is a paperwork workout.  There is no escaping this.  There are varying amounts of paperwork we will need.  Self-employment and rental property increase the paperwork we need.  Regular W-2 wages and easier.  Click here for a document list.  


We have an easy to use app called Perfect LO. If you click this link, you will access our user friendly questionnaire.  This will get us started with the information we need.  Accuracy and thoroughness is vital.  


Once we know about you and have your documents we will analyze and discuss everything with you for no obligation.  We will even front your credit report cost.

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Buying a house is expensive!  Why?  Not because it’s a scam. It’s because it is a complicated process that involves a lot of people:  loan officer, loan  processor, escrow officer, escrow assistants, title officer, appraiser, appraisal management, loan set-up, junior underwriter, senior underwriter, funder, post closing and on and on. 

Don’t worry.  We have strategies to help: 

1) build closing costs into your sale or

2) bump your rate up and receive a lender credit to pay your costs.


Understanding closing costs is important.  We will dedicate enough time to this part of the process to educate you about each fee and explain what your options are.


Finally, down payments are low:  3% or 3.5% down payments are very common.  We can show you how to buy a $400,000.00 house with $12,000.00 out of pocket.

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Traps to Avoid

Buy a car, live in your car. That is a Bamboo rule.  What this means is that a big car payment can substantially lower your borrowing power on a home loan. The reverse is not true. If you buy a house, you can then get a car loan.  Hold off on a car purchase until after you have your home! Or, consult us before making your decision so we can advise you.  


It is not time to dump the piggy bank into your bank account when you start thinking about buying a home.  What this means is cash deposits are a problem.  So, don’t do it.  In fact, don’t put any money into your bank accounts two months before your home purchase other than paychecks. 

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What is the Process?

Buy a house!  Once you are pre-qualified, you are ready to make an offer.


Once your offer is accepted, we will handle your forms and disclosures.


We will carefully prepare your documents and present to a lender for “underwriting”.


From underwriting you go to closing.  Sign a bunch of documents at an escrow company and “close”. 

Success Stories

"We didn't know too much going into the process, and he walked us through each step of the way, making us feel confident and knowledgable about one of the biggest decisions of our lives."

Maddie K.

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