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Our Team.

We are mortgage brokers.  Who cares?  You do. Here is why.  First, we work for you, not a big bank. As brokers,  we work with many national wholesale lenders.  We carefully select the best fit for each of our clients.  What does this mean?  First, we look at prices.  Who has good prices today?  Second, we look at service.  Who can handle the file the most efficiently and make the loan process this smooth and easy?  It is common for loans to have snags.  We find the lender who can handle it. 


We live for referrals.  We focus on the end-result and don’t sugar coat things in the beginning.  This is a hard and expensive process.  We want you to be prepared and comfortable.  Mostly, we want to exceed your expectations so that we earn your referrals.  


We believe in education.  We will give you clear information that you can use to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.  The key words are empowerment and confidence.  We have the information, the communication skills and the mindset to empower you.   


We are Portland.  We are the only mortgage company in SE Portland.  We are not hidden in a suburban, inconvenient business park.  We are diverse. We believe almost everybody can own a home. It may take  time to prepare, but that is o.k. Finally, we understand what housing really is.  At the core of housing is family.  People buy houses for their families.  

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Cammy Patterson

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1941818


Matty Srimek

Mortgage Processor
NMLS#: 2211825

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My Background

I am Jeff Zoria.  I am uniquely qualified to help you because I have a legal education, a juris doctorate, and have spent my career working in mortgage finance.  My California Bar Association number is 182558 and my mortgage loan originator license number is 241651.  

80% of mortgage applications are difficult. I specialize in solving mortgage application problems. I believe almost everybody can buy a house, but doing so may require planning, time and effort. 

I do not use fear as a selling tactic. The process is difficult because there are several hundred pages of government rules, covering everything from credit to income etc. that you must fit into.  Most applicants do not fit neatly into the system.  They either have a real qualifying problem or they qualify but have a paper-work problem.  I am an expert at resolving these problems because I have completed thousands of loans and because of my serious style.   

My strength is my ability to analyze your individual circumstances and to communicate clearly enough to discover solutions.  

I understand there is personal component to the process. Likability and trust are key.  We will work very hard together in an intense and personal way.  I consider the process a success when I know I have a created a long-term relationship with my customers.  

Owner/Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS#: 241651


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