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I am a graduate of National Taiwan University which is the most prestigious university in Taiwan. I moved to Portland in 2006.  I had  3 years banking experiences before being a full-time loan officer. This background gave me a comprehensive knowledge of personal finance, credit, investments and mortgage strategies.

I love helping people make smart financial decisions. I recognize that smart financial decisions are the foundation for success and stability in life. Working at Bamboo Mortgage allows me provide direct support to the community.

Even before I moved to PDX I was a huge Blazers fan.  Admittedly suckered by the potential of Sebastian Telfair and Darius Miles, and crushed by what B-Roy, Aldridge & Oden could have been, I am now thankful to have Damien Lillard’s leadership pushing this plucky Blazers squad to relevance…and hopefully someday, a Championship.

I love learning new things and I have passion for finding the right deal for each client.  “When it comes to helping a customer, I treat every mortgage as my own.”




工作以外,我非常喜欢NBA,也是热情的波特兰拓荒者球迷。从谷底期(Telfair)到幻灭期(Roy & Oden)到现在由Lillard带领,充满希望的年轻阵容,我都始终坚定支持这只球队,希望有生之年我能亲眼看到一座冠军杯。

我把每个人的贷款当成自己的贷款来做 -这是我身体力行的座右铭。

Office: 503-265-8540

Office: 503-265-8540

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