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Portland’s affordable housing solution, HOLTE program

The HOLTE program helps make buying a home more affordable!

One of Portland’s affordable housing solutions is the HOLTE program. The Homebuyer Opportunity Limited Tax Exemption (HOLTE) program is a tax relief program to help provide more affordable housing opportunities in Portland. Eligible homes receive a a ten-year property tax exemption on structural improvements to the home as long as the property and owner remain eligible per program requirements. In more understandable terms, you only have to pay taxes on the land itself based on the value prior to the home being built. The buyer gets to enjoy those tax savings for 10 years.

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Top Ranked 15 School Districts In The Portland Area for 2018

We’ve researched the 15 best school districts here in the Portland area to help you navigate.

When you’re looking for a place to live and you have school age children in the family, schools will definitely be part of the decision making process. The Porland area has top notch public schools that get excellent ratings. The Portland metropolitan area is known for it’s naturual beauty, the excellent public school system is a nice bonus.

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